Venice Tourist tax


TOURIST TAX in the territory of the Municipality of Venice
  official version available here

The tourist tax must be payed cash on the arrival and it's not included in the apartments' rental quoted at VeniceApartments.ORG

The actual amount (can be modified by the Municipality) of the tax is written in each apartment's page; usually the tax amount for the VeniceApartments.ORG apartments is 1,50 (see below) or 1,05 Euro (in the other periods) per person per night

- max 5 nights per stay (starting for 6th it's free)
- children under 10 years of age no tax; 10-16 years 50%

periods with tax 1,50 Euro from 10/2014:
- from February 1st to December 31th
periods with tax 1,05 Euro from 10/2014:
- from January 1th to January 31st



Check availability and book


GRANDELUX-CANAL - from 213 Euro

Exclusive: a private Grand Canal deck private patio, Venetian style, high standard design furniture, next to Peggy Guggenheim Collection

ALVISE - from 130 Euro

attractive apartment, close Saint Mark's Square, two bathrooms and two bedrooms, air conditioning, free WiFi

LOFT - from 130 Euro

BIENNALE area: the only Loft in Venice set in real historic iron foundry; two bathrooms, two bedrooms, air conditioning, WiFi internet. Unique!

SANSOVINO - from 55 Euro

Worried about parking in Venice? Park and stay in Mestre, downtown in 10 minutes-cool! - 4 pax - wifi - Supermarket just downstairs!

ARNOLDI - from 167 Euro

great and large apartment restored by the sculptur Nag Arnoldi, private rooftop terrace altana, canal view, 3 double beds and 3 baths, aircond, free WiFi

GRITTI - from 149 Euro

nice apartment with 6 windows on the Grand Canal, 2 bath and 3 bed, just a few steps from Rialto, air conditioner, Internet

SANGIOVESE - from 55 Euro

Worried about parking in Venice? 30 Euro/day for an open car-space are too much? Private-park here and reach downtown in 15 minutes-cool! - 5 pax, wifi, aircond - Supermarket just downstairs!

RABOSO - from 193 Euro

delicius apartment with 9 windows over the Grand Canal, historical palace, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, Internet Wi-Fi

MOSCATO - from 100 Euro

Villa in Venice mainland: up 9 people max, large garden, elegant house, covered garage, with dog facilities..suitable for parties!

SOAVE - from 91 Euro

Sunny apartment, with balcony, just fully restored, quiet area, air conditioning, Internet Wi-Fi

VIVALDI - from 101 Euro

apartment with two double bedrooms, just a few steps from Saint Mark's Square, on Vivaldi's Rio della Pietà, air conditioning, Internet WiFi

BAROLO - from 101 Euro

nice view apartment, just in front of the Guggenheim Museum, nice area, two bedrooms, air conditioning, Internet Wifi - Cool!

ZANIPOLO - from 114 Euro

recently-restored, spacious apartment overlooking a Canal with two bedrooms, air conditioning, Wifi

REMIGIO - from 114 Euro

recently-restored, spacious apartment overlooking a Canal with two bedrooms, Internet

PROSECCO - from 105 Euro

charming new apartment, within San Tomà, Frari and Rialto Bridge, 2 lovely double beds, - air conditioning - free WiFi

DOLFIN - from 78 Euro

sunny and stylish, central location with a 180-degree view over the main entrance to Arsenale, air conditioning, Internet Wi-Fi

TRIBUNO - from 100 Euro

charming, high-level studio set in 16th century building, delightful to sleep surrounded by the sound of water, air conditioning, free WiFi

BONAGRAZIA - from 131 Euro

new apartment, most central location with private rooftop terrace, extremely spacious, air conditioning, Internet

DANDOLO - from 122 Euro

stylish three bedroom/two bathroom apartment, private rooftop terrace (Altana), air conditioning, Internet

MOCENIGO - from 100 Euro

charming studio in 16th century palace, wonderful Grand Canal view from the palace water entrance, air conditioner, WiFi

PATRIZIO - from 173 Euro

wonderful apartment with a 180-degree canal view over Canale della Giudecca; two double bedrooms, air conditioning, Internet

RUBIN - from 135 Euro

exquisite apartment few steps from Rialto, great location, air conditioning, Internet


4 bedrooms, all of them looking the sea, over the top. Stunning views, private pool, air conditioning, internet, prestige service