Public internet wifi connection

//venice>connected Wi-Fi Internet service

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) means you can connect to the internet at public wireless broadband access points called hotspots – just like the way you connect wirelessly at home. Millions of people around the world regularly use Wi-Fi hotspots, which are an easy and convenient alternative to mobile broadband and internet cafés.
In 2009 Venice was one of the first cities in Italy to offer city-wide Wi-Fi, a network of 200 Wi-Fi hotspots in historical city centre, islands and mainland.


//venice>connected Wi-Fi service connects your laptop or Wi-Fi-enabled device to the Internet at the //venice>connected hot spots within the city of Venice.

How to access the service

All you need to connect to //venice>connected Wi-Fi is a laptop computer or mobile device, such as Smartphones, with a Wi-Fi interface. Most laptops and some mobile phones come with built-in Wi-Fi capability. Connecting to //venice>connected Wi-Fi service is easy, just follow the instructions.

To help you get started using //venice>connected Wi-Fi service, we have listed answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

Wi-Fi locations

You can search for //venice>connected Wi-Fi zones on the city map.

Wi-Fi packages

Below you will find a list of //venice>connected Wi-Fi packages available for purchase:

 Fees //venice>connected Wi-Fi packages (*)
24 hours 72 hours 7 days
reduced fee
Available only if you book at least 7 days in advance
€ 5 € 15 € 20
full fee
With no advance payment you pay the full fee
€ 8 € 20 € 30


(*) 24 hour/72 hour Wi-Fi packages provide consecutive hours of connection from first use, within seven days of start date (the date you specified in your booking, i.e. when you intend to activate your Wi-Fi connection). For example, if you buy a 24 hour Wi-Fi package, and choose July 15th as start date, you can activate it any time from July 15th to July 21st.
24 hour Wi-Fi packages provide 24 hours of continuous unlimited access to the Internet from first time of use. It means if you first start using it on July 15th at 09:00am it will expire on July 16th at 09:00am. Same applies for 72 hour packages. Please note that access starts from first use and will end after the purchased time period (24 hours or 72 hours), no matter how long you effectively stay connected.
7 day Wi-Fi packages provide consecutive days of connection from start date (the date you specified in your booking, i.e. when you intend to activate your Wi-Fi connection). It means if you buy a 7 day Wi-Fi package, and choose July 15th as start date, you will have continuous unlimited access to the Internet from July 15th at 00:00 to July 21th at 24:00. Please note that access will end after the purchased time period (7 days), no matter how long you effectively stay connected.

To purchase when you are in Venice, enter a //venice>connected Wi-Fi hotspot location, connect to the network, and on your first attempt to browse a webpage you will receive the //venice>connected Wi-Fi Welcome Page. The page will show an option to purchase a connection: click on the Acquista ora/Buy now link.
If you buy the service when you are in Venice you will pay the full fee.

Customer Support

If you have questions or issues on //venice>connected Wi-Fi service, please search //venice>connected Wi-Fi FAQ’s page.
Please read the Wi-Fi help guide carefully before you connect to //venice>connected Wi-Fi network to access the Internet.
If you are unable to find an answer to your question or a solution to your problem, feel free to submit a ticket to the //venice>connected Wi-Fi helpdesk.
//venice>connected Wi-Fi helpdesk works Monday-Friday. We answer in English, French and Italian only.
Please visit the official website:


Please remember that service users agree/concur:

  • to observe anti-terrorism laws, in the manner and terms laid down by decree law n. 14/2005, as converted into law and modified by law 155/2005 and by the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of 16 August 2005;
  • to hold harmless Venis from and against each and every liability inherent in the use of the wired or wireless network services of //venice>connected for the requested use;
  • to accept liability for the storage, with the maximum confidentiality and diligence, of the username and password that provide access to the system and immediately notify the operator if the password is mislaid;
  • that they accept that Venis can use users' personal data for local initiatives and promotions connected to the activities of //venice>connected for the purposes of law 196/2003 safeguarding privacy;
  • that they are cognisant of the fact that the service is provided for seven days commencing from the date of the foregoing pick-up;
  • that they are cognisant that no minimum bandwidth is guaranteed;
  • that they have carefully read and expressly accepted all the terms and conditions for the user of the //venice>connected service as stated in the website

GRANDELUX-CANAL - from 216 Euro

Really exclusive: Rosalba Carriera home & Peggy Guggenheim adjacent, private deck on the Grand Canal where dreaming, private patio

ALVISE - from 114 Euro

Elegant, Quiet, Top City Centre, Flat near St Mark's Square

LOFT - from 134 Euro

BIENNALE area: the only Loft in Venice set in real historic iron foundry; two bathrooms, two bedrooms, air conditioning, WiFi internet. Unique!

ARNOLDI - from 146 Euro

great and large apartment restored by the sculptur Nag Arnoldi, private rooftop terrace altana, canal view, 3 double beds and 3 baths, aircond, free WiFi

GRITTI - from 149 Euro

nice apartment with 6 windows on the Grand Canal, 2 bath and 3 bed, just a few steps from Rialto, air conditioner, Internet

SANGIOVESE - from 57 Euro

Worried about parking in Venice? 30 Euro/day for an open car-space are too much? Private-park here and reach downtown in 15 minutes-cool! - 5 pax, wifi, aircond - Supermarket just downstairs!

RABOSO - from 383 Euro

delicius apartment with 9 windows over the Grand Canal, historical palace, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, Internet Wi-Fi

MOSCATO - from 103 Euro

Villa in Venice mainland: up 9 people max, large garden, elegant house, covered garage, with dog facilities..suitable for parties!

SOAVE - from 80 Euro

Sunny apartment, with balcony, just fully restored, quiet area, air conditioning, Internet Wi-Fi

VIVALDI - from 141 Euro

apartment with two double bedrooms, just a few steps from Saint Mark's Square, on Vivaldi's Rio della Pietà, air conditioning, Internet WiFi

BAROLO - from 104 Euro

nice view apartment, just in front of the Guggenheim Museum, nice area, two bedrooms, air conditioning, Internet Wifi - Cool!

REMIGIO - from 187 Euro

recently-restored, spacious super apartment overlooking a Canal with two bedrooms, air conditioning, Wifi

ZANIPOLO - from 187 Euro

recently-restored, spacious super apartment overlooking a Canal with two bedrooms, air conditioning, Wifi

BAROCCO - from 103 Euro

charming new apartment, within San Tomà, Frari and Rialto Bridge, 2 lovely double beds, - air conditioning - free WiFi

TRIBUNO - from 100 Euro

charming, high-level studio set in 16th century building, delightful to sleep surrounded by the sound of water, air conditioning, free WiFi

DANDOLO - from 122 Euro

stylish three bedroom/two bathroom apartment, private rooftop terrace (Altana), air conditioning, Internet

MOCENIGO - from 100 Euro

charming studio in 16th century palace, wonderful Grand Canal view from the palace water entrance, air conditioner, WiFi

PATRIZIO - from 178 Euro

wonderful apartment with a 180-degree canal view over Canale della Giudecca; two double bedrooms, air conditioning, Internet